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Announcements and Notices

Archival Announcements and Notices



Date Title
August 29, 2019 Rev 700 various; Rev 2300 various; Rev 2500 various; Rev 2700 various; Rev 2900 various; First Rollout of Revenue Information Management System (RIMS)
August 29, 2019 Rev 303.03(a) intro and (a)(2) and (e); Rev 304.09(f)(2) intro and (f)(2)c. and d.; Rev 2402.01(a) intro and (a)(7); Business Tax Technical Corrections
August 16, 2019 Rev 204.02(a); Rev 204.03; Agency Action on Petitions for Redetermination or Reconsideration
July 22, 2019 Rev 306.07; Rev 904.05; Rev 2406.06; Use of Education Tax Credit Against Tax Liability
June 21, 2019 Rev 3402.01(e) and (f); Rev 3402.03(a) and (b) intro. and (b)(2) and (3); Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber
June 21, 2019 Rev 401.05; Rev 402.02; intro. and (c); Rev 405; Rev 418.01(a) and (c); Tax Credit for Combat Service
June 17, 2019 Rev 3200 (various); Education Tax Credit Program Update
June 10, 2019 Rev 1200; Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief
May 17, 2019 Cub 102, 103, 204, 207 & 300; Organizational and Practice and Procedure Rules and Rules on Criteria for Open Space Current Use Assessment
May 16, 2019 Rev 500; Excavation Tax and Taxation of Excavation Area
May 7, 2019 Rev 806.04(c); Rev 807.04(a) intro. and (a)(2); Rev 809.03 intro. and (b); Rev 809.06; Rev 809.07; Indicia of Real Estate Transfer Tax Paid
May 7, 2019 Rev 3002.07(b) intro. and (b)(1); Rev 3003.02(a); Rev 3004.02(b) intro. and (b)(2); Rev 3004.06; Indicia of L-CHIP Paid
April 1, 2019 Rev 2300; Medicaid Enhancement Tax
Date Title
April 19, 2018 Potential Impact of Federal Tax Reform on BPT Taxpayers pdf file
July 2, 2018 Manchester Man Pleads Guilty to Scheme to Defraud State of New Hampshire in connection with Untaxed Tobacco Products
July 17, 2018 New Tobacco Tax Reporting and Payment Rules
September 13, 2018 2018 Legislative Session in Review pdf file
September 14, 2018 Interest Rates Set for Calendar Year 2019 pdf file
October 18, 2018 Retailer - Tobacco Tax Training Program Understanding your Responsibilites
October 26, 2018 The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Has Issued Its Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report pdf file
November 2, 2018 New State-of-the-Art Revenue Information Management System pdf file
November 5, 2018 Rental Use and Subsequent Sale of a Home pdf file
December 5, 2018 TIR 2018-005 Provides New Business Enterprise Tax Filing Threshold for Taxable Periods Beginning on or after January 1, 2019 pdf file
December 14, 2018 TIR 2018-006 Electricity Consumption Tax Repealed Effective January 1, 2019
Date Title
January 9, 2017 2017 Joint Economic Fiscal Orientation

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