Reports, Publications and Presentations

Below you will find the Departments yearly Annual Reports, Tax Expenditure Reports, Presentations, and Balanced Scorecards.

Annual reports

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration is statutorily required under RSA 20:7 to issue an Annual Report. The Annual Report is required to cover periods ending June 30 and to be submitted to the Governor and Council, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Senate President by October 1.

Tax Expenditure Reports 

In accordance with RSA-71-C:4 on or before December 15 of every fiscal year the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Administration shall certify in a report to the General Court and the Governor an analysis of each of the past fiscal year's tax expenditures as identified in RSA 71-C:2, and other credits allowed under RSA 77, RSA 77-A, RSA 77-E, RSA 77-G, RSA 78, RSA 78-A, 78-B, RSA 82-A, RSA 84-A, RSA 84-C, and RSA 400-A.


Information presentations published by the Department.

Department Balanced Scorecard

The Department of Revenue Administration's (DRA) Balanced Scorecard is comprised of performance measures that reflect the Strategic Plan and Mission of the DRA. The Scorecard reports measures from four major categories: Customer Satisfaction, Internal Process and Performance, Effective Resource Management, and Employee Development. Utilizing the Balanced Scorecard will allow the DRA to monitor and maintain agency performance by identifying any inefficiencies and reporting gaps. To accomplish this, the DRA performs periodic reviews and initiates necessary updates in order to carry out the DRA mission effectively.