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Posted: July 09, 2024


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NH Department of Revenue Administration Unveils Updated Website

Website update focuses on ease of use, transparency, and mobile access

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (NHDRA) has launched an updated version of its website, designed to be easier to use and more responsive to Granite State taxpayers. NHDRA also developed the website to optimize access to its Granite Tax Connect portal, which enables taxpayers, tax professionals, and other NHDRA customers to manage their accounts. To access the new website, visit

The new version features a more user-centered, intuitive approach, beginning with an introductory “How Can We Help You Today?” section, in a more visually appealing design. The new introductory section features a drop-down list of targeted questions to lead customers directly to the section of the site most appropriate to their needs.

The website is also optimized for mobile users, an increasing segment of NHDRA’s taxpayer base. The updated NHDRA website was launched on June 25,2024 and sees as many as 1,400 visits each day.

“We have always encouraged our customers to share their thoughts, opinions, and feedback with us, as we are constantly looking for ways to better and more efficiently serve the taxpayers of New Hampshire,” said NHDRA Commissioner Lindsey Stepp. “With the user experience top of mind, we have redesigned our site to meet the increasing demand for ease of use, transparency and mobile access.”

The site was redesigned over the past year by NHDRA staff, who reviewed user feedback to create a simple and functional site for a range of taxpayers, from individuals
to corporations. The new NHDRA website is consistent with upgrades made to other State of New Hampshire websites.

New website features and sections include:

  • A top-level link to the “Granite Tax Connect” portal, launched in 2020, which allows users to file and amend returns, view balances, make payments, view correspondence, register new accounts, update information, submit documents and applications, and more.
  • The “Taxpayer Assistance” section includes quick links to the site’s most-visited pages, creating a one-stop experience.
  • Enhanced transparency in reporting enables dynamic report generation in real-time.
  • Sections on municipal and property taxes, meals and rooms taxes, forms and instructions, and tax laws and rules.
  • The site’s “Resource Center” includes Frequently Asked Questions, reports and publications, technical information and declaratory rulings, and power of attorney information.

Other improvements to the site include a full-year tax calendar with an “Important Dates” reminder tool, information on NHDRA employment, and news and announcements from NHDRA.

About the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (NHDRA) is responsible for fairly and efficiently administering the tax laws of the State of New Hampshire. NHDRA collects approximately 80% of New Hampshire’s general taxes. During Fiscal Year 2023, NHDRA collected $2.8 billion in taxes, most of which went to the New Hampshire General Fund and Education Trust Fund. NHDRA also assists municipalities in budgeting, finance and real estate appraisal. NHDRA administers and collects the following taxes at the state level: Business Enterprise Tax, Business Profits Tax, Communications Services Tax, Interest and Dividends Tax, Meals and Rooms Tax, Medicaid Enhancement Tax, Nursing Facility Quality Assessment, Tobacco Tax, Taxation of Railroads, Utility Property Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax; and the following taxes at the local level: Property Tax, Excavation Tax, Timber Tax. To learn more about NHDRA, please visit

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