Fiscal Note Quick Guides

2022/2023 Legislative Session

In order to provide better information and data to the New Hampshire Legislature for deliberation on pending legislation, as well as to the public in general, the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has created Fiscal Note (FN) Quick Guides. These "Quick Guides" are created from relevant sections of the Department's Fiscal Note Worksheets, which are submitted to the Legislative Budget Assistant in the drafting of the fiscal notes for certain House and Senate bills. These Fiscal Note Quick Guides are for the bills as originally introduced. The Department hopes the Quick Guides will be a useful source of information for Legislators and the public.

To access a copy of any bill referenced below, please visit the NH General Court at and enter the bill number within "Find a Bill" in the State Legislation Dashboard.

FN Quick Guides for bills in prior Legislative Sessions may be obtained by emailing the Department at: and specifying the particular bill and session year you are requesting.

Quick Guides - 2023 House Bills

  • HB 15, relative to the rate of the business enterprise tax.
  • HB 100, repeal the interest and dividends tax.
  • HB 121, relative to worldwide combined reporting for unitary business under the business
    profits tax.
  • HB 133, relative to repealing the communications services tax.
  • HB 192, relative to the rate and exemptions of the interest and dividends tax.
  • HB 288, relative to taxation of sole proprietorship businesses
  • HB 450, relative to removing the net operating loss deduction limit on taxable income under the
    business profits tax.
  • HB 510, relative to removing the exemption for premium cigars from the tobacco tax.
  • HB 568, relative to assessing all state adequate education and local education costs through the
    state education warrant.
  • HB 569, relative to the state education property tax and the low and moderate income homeowners
    property tax relief program
  • HB 649, repealing the collection of the state education property tax.

Quick Guides - 2023 Senate Bills

  • SB 189, relative to the definition of gross business profits in determining taxable business profits.
  • SB 260, relative to the deductions under the business profits tax for compensation of members and
  • SB 261, relative to the interest and dividends tax rate and threshold.

Quick Guides - 2022 House Bills

  • HB 1204, reducing the rate of the meals and rooms tax and increasing the revenue sharing of meals and rooms tax revenue with municipalities.
  • HB 1221, relative to the rates of the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax
  • HB 1430, repealing the tax on rentals of motor vehicles under the meals and rooms tax.
  • HB 1500, reducing the rate of the communications services tax and repealing the tax in 2025.
  • HB 1541, establishing a deferral from the business profits tax and the business enterprise tax for qualified limited liability startups.

Quick Guides - 2022 Senate Bills

  • SB 314, relative to modified risk tobacco products.
  • SB 435, relative to the net operating loss carryover under the business profits tax.