Meals & Rooms (Rentals) Tax

The Meals and Rooms (Rentals) tax (M&R) is assessed upon patrons of hotels (or any facility with sleeping accommodations) and restaurants, as well as on motor vehicle rentals.

The M&R Tax is paid by the consumer and is collected and remitted to the State on the 15th of each month by operators of hotels, restaurants, or other businesses providing taxable meals, room rentals, and motor vehicle rentals. The tax rate is 8.5% for taxable periods beginning October 1, 2021.

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The M&R tax laws and rules can be found under RSA 78-A and Rev 700


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Need an Operator's License?

Need an Operator's License?

RSA 78-A:4 requires each owner/operator to register with the Department prior to opening a hotel, offering sleeping accommodations, selling taxable meals, or renting motor vehicles by applying for a license.  Select the blue bar below to apply for your license using our online portal, Granite Tax Connect. 

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