Administration Unit

The Administration Unit performs administrative functions necessary to support Department operations including accounting, purchasing, adjudicative and administrative hearings, tax policy and legislative analysis, fleet and facility maintenance, human resources and project management.

Picture of Assistant Commissioner Ora LeMere

Ora M. LeMere

Assistant Commissioner

Two hands shakingThe Human Resources office handles all employee relations and employment opportunities.

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Law gavelThe Hearings Bureau is a forum within the Department of Revenue Administration for taxpayers dissatisfied with a decision of the Department to appeal.

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desk with books, lady liberty and earth globe The Office of Revenue Counsel (Legal Bureau) provides legal advice and representation to the Department including rendering advice and legal opinions to Department personnel; managing bankruptcy cases; and responding to Right-to-Know requests.

charts and graphs with coinsThe Tax Policy and Legislative Group provides tax legislative analysis and tax revenue reporting. The Group monitors legislation and prepares fiscal notes for proposed legislation as well as assists legislators, when necessary. The Group develops revenue estimates for the legislature and reports on tax revenues for taxes administered by the Department. The Group also updates the Department's administrative rules for any legislative changes.