Audit Division

The mission of the Audit Division is to promote voluntary taxpayer compliance with New Hampshire's tax laws through fair, impartial, and efficient selection and review of taxpayers' returns; taxpayer education; and discovery of non-filers. The Audit Division is committed to teamwork, professional development, and high professional standards for auditors.

Director of Audit Frederick Coolbroth Jr.

Director Frederick J. Coolbroth, Jr.

Man on Mountain Granite Tax Connect pictureFile returns, submit documents, and pay an audit assessment using our online portal, Granite Tax Connect (GTC).

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Picture of two laptops with hands working on documentsThe Audit Division conducts audits on a portion of tax returns filed by individuals, partnerships, estates, trusts, and corporations, as well as other documents filed with DRA, each year to ensure compliance with New Hampshire laws and rules.

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Picture of keyboard red button with the word Fraud on itFor people who want to make a difference!

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Picture of hands shaking in front of white clobeThe New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration is committed to promoting taxpayer compliance. In an effort to accomplish this objective, the Department has a Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDA) that is available to taxpayers who want to comply with New Hampshire's tax laws.

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