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Report Tax Fraud

For people who want to make a difference!

The purpose of the Tax Fraud Hotline is to encourage individuals to report information regarding tax fraud with the assurance that their complaint(s) and/or allegations(s) will be reviewed and, where appropriate, investigated in a timely manner.

What is tax fraud? What should be reported to the Tax Fraud Hotline?

Examples of tax fraud that should be reported include:

  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Failure to pay or correctly report taxes
  • Fraudulent returns and return preparation schemes
  • Erroneous claims for real property and tax abatement programs
  • Tax evasion activity
  • Unlicensed businesses
  • Unrecorded payments to employees
  • Unreported income
  • Unreported or untaxed Meals and Rentals Tax

Who operates the Hotline?

The Audit Division of the Department of Revenue Administration operates the hotline.

What can I expect when calling the Tax Fraud Hotline?

When a person contacts the Hotline, he or she can expect the Hotline staff to ask for the details of the allegation. Contact information is not required to be provided. Due to confidentiality laws, the Department is unable to provide any updates on the status of any review of the information provided.

Can I report tax fraud by mail?

Yes, you may report tax fraud in writing to the Department by completing and mailing the Form AU-39, Tax Fraud Report.

You may also submit an anonymous report of tax fraud on-line using the Department’s online portal, Granite Tax Connect

Anyone wishing to report tax fraud or tax abuse to the State of New Hampshire is encouraged to contact the Hotline immediately. Anonymous information is accepted. With the information received, further tax fraud can be prevented.

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