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e-File New Hampshire
Pay Taxes

The e-File site is designed to allow easy access to some of the online services provided by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration.


e-File New Hampshire | Pay Taxes



e-File New Hampshire

Filing Tax Returns & Payments


The Department has made it easier to pay and/or file your Business Enterprise Taxes, Business Profits Taxes, Interest & Dividends Taxes, and Real Estate Transfer Taxes online. There will be different features available for each tax that may include making payments for returns, amended returns, estimates, extensions and tax notice payments. Please go to the specific tax type below to see the available options.


Tax Returns & Payments to be Filed Help Documents
e-File Business Tax Business Tax Help
e-File Real Estate Transfer Tax pdf file
(CD-57-S, CD-57-P and PA-34)
Real Estate Transfer Tax Help pdf file
Real Estate Transfer Tax e-File Training Video
e-File RETT (DP-4 payments for Counties only) Real Estate Transfer Tax Help (Counties Only)
e-File Interests and Dividends (I&D) Interest and Dividends Help


*e-file is no longer available for Meals and Rentals Tax. Please visit Granite Tax Connect to create your account for online filing and more.


Pay Taxes


Miscellaneous Taxes, Fees and Other Payments


The Department has added an option to pay several tax assessments, fees and other payments by credit card. Accepted credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. To pay any of the tax assessments listed below, you will need to have received a Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Tax Bill from the Department that has an Assessment Number listed on it. There is also the option to pay Lien Fees, Tobacco License Fees, and fees for a Certificate of Good Standing, Withdrawal or Dissolution.


Payment Type: Tax Assessments, Fees or Other Help Documents
Rail Road Tax (NOA)







Notices of Assessment (NOA) and Lien Fees Help

Private Rail Car Tax (NOA)
Utility Property Tax (NOA)
Electricity Consumptions Tax (NOA)
Communications Services Tax (NOA)
Smokeless Tobacco Tax (NOA)
Tobacco Tax (NOA)
Real Estate Transfer Tax (NOA)
Holding Company Real Estate Transfer Tax (NOA)
Business Tax (NOA)
Interest and Dividends Tax (NOA)
Lien Fees
Tobacco License Fee Tobacco License Fee Help
Certificate of Good Standing Certificate Payment Help
Certificate of Withdrawal / Dissolution

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