Timber Tax

The Property Bureau is responsible for administration and enforcement of RSA 79, Forest Conservation and Taxation. Timber appraisers monitor timber cutting operations to ensure compliance with laws and rules and provide education and training to municipalities.

Timber Tax Year Aril 1 - March 31

Contact Rick Evans, Timber Tax Appraiser | (603) 419-0216 | Rick.G.Evans@dra.nh.gov with questions or concerns.

General Information

Form PA-8, Report of Wood or Timber Cut, is not available on-line. This document is provided by the Department, with a PA-6 Timber Certificate, when an approved PA-7 Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber is received from a municipality. Duplicates may be requested by contacting the Department at (603) 230-5950 or by sending an e-mail to timber@dra.nh.gov.

Municipal Information

Average Stumpage Values

Stumpage values are calculated twice a year using surveys completed by local foresters. New lists are published every March (covering April 1 - September 30) and September (covering October 1 - March 31). Each link contains values for the Northern, Central and Southern regions of the state (see Timber Districts).

Timber Districts | Timber Districts Map 

Additional Resources

Statute and Administrative Rule