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Municipal and Property Division

The mission of the Municipal and Property Division is to assure fairness, equity and proportionality in the assessment and collection of property taxes and the administration of municipal finances in the state by establishing tax rates, providing technical assistance and education to municipal officials, monitoring revaluations, reviewing assessment practices, equalizing local assessed valuation, appraising public utility and railroad property, and administering timber and gravel taxation.


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Municipal Bureau

The Municipal and Property Division establishes and approves municipal, school, county, state and village district tax rates.  Provides technical assistance relative to taxation and finance to the over 500 political subdivisions of the state and provides general supervision over municipal tax collectors.

Other services performed include:

  • Prescribing a uniform chart of accounts for all municipalities;
  • Establishing a standard technical assistance manual for use by municipalities;
  • Reviewing trustees reports of trust funds in conjunction with the Department of Justice Charitable Trust Unit;
  • Conducting workshops and seminars for municipal officials, including selectmen, budget committees, trustees of trust funds, tax collectors, and school officials.

Property Bureau

The Municipal and Property Division oversees and performs a variety of functions that include:

  • Equalization
  • Assessment Review
  • Monitoring revaluations and revaluation contracts
  • Timber and Gravel Excavation Assistance
  • Providing administrative support to the Assessing Standards Board and Current Use Board
  • Reporting on a variety of assessment information - individual municipal and/or statewide level


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Municipal and Property Division (603) 230-5090 (Municipal)
(603) 230-5950 (Property)
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