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Frequently Asked Questions - New Business Tax Licenses & Permits

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Meals and Rooms (Rentals) License

This license permits New Hampshire restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, hotels, lodging establishments and motor vehicle rental establishments to collect and remit taxes on meals, rooms, and motor vehicle rental services. The license is required before operating any such establishment. RSA 78-A:4 For further information on the Meals and Rentals Tax Operator's License call the Collections Division at (603) 230-5900.

Application for Tobacco Tax Operator's License

The license permits establishments to sell tobacco products. The license is required before selling tobacco products in this State. RSA 78:2. For additional information on the Tobacco Tax Operator's License call the Collections Division at (603) 230-5900.

Application for Communications Services Retailer's Tax License

The license allows communications service retailers to collect and remit Communications Services Taxes to the Department. For further information on the Communications Services Provider's Tax License, contact the Audit Division at (603) 230-5030.

Other Permits & Licenses

For local permit information contact your City or Town Clerk's Office for municipal permits and licenses.

If you operate a business, or engage in a trade or occupation that is subject to state or local regulation, you may be required to apply for a specific operator's permit and license.  Regulated businesses may be subjected to certification, registration or accreditation and may experience routine inspections. Trades such as accounting, architecture, child-care, chiropractors, restaurants, and many more require permits in order to begin operation.

For a complete list of regulated activities and licensed professionals in the State of New Hampshire, as well as their governing boards and contact information, contact the New Hampshire Department of Justice, 33 Capitol Street, Concord, NH 03301 - (603) 271-3658 or visit Justice's website.

All food service health licenses are administered by the New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services. You may contact them directly at (603) 271-4583 for more information.

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