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Rev 806.04(c); Rev 807.04(a) intro. and (a)(2); Rev 809.03 intro. and (b); Rev 809.06; Rev 809.07 - Indicia of Real Estate Transfer Tax Paid

Rev 800 contains the rules governing the Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT). Rev 806.04(c) on notice of additional tax collected by the Department, Rev 807.04(a)(2) on refund requests, and Rev 809.03(b) on filing Form DP-4 are being amended, and Rev 809.06 on filing Form DP-65 and Rev 809.07 on filing Form DP-65S are being readopted with amendments, to implement the changes in Chapter 171 of the Laws of 2018, by removing the references to stamps as evidence of payment of the tax.

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