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Rev 3002.07(b) intro. and (b)(1); Rev 3003.02(a); Rev 3004.02(b) intro. and (b)(2); Rev 3004.06 - Indicia of L-CHIP Paid

Rev 3000 contains the rules governing the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (L-CHIP) recording surcharge. Rev 3002.07(b)(1) on refund requests, Rev 3003.02(a) on payment to the Department, and Rev 3004.02(b)(2) on the Register of Deeds attaching a completed Form DP-65S to Form DP-4 are being amended, and Rev 3004.06 on the Register of Deeds filing Form DP-65S is being readopted with amendments, to implement the changes in Chapter 171 of the Laws of 2018, by removing the references to stamps as evidence of payment of the L-CHIP surcharge.

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