Municipal Bureau

The Municipal Bureau is responsible for establishing municipal, school, county, and village district tax rates, providing technical assistance relative to taxation and finance to the political subdivisions of the state, and conducting general supervision over municipal tax collectors.

laptop and coffee cup on tableThe municipal advisor assigned to your municipality, school and village districts can be found below. 

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Municipal Tax Rate Setting Portal (MTRSP)

All information, from the warrant article to the setting of the tax rate, including the completion, submission and approval of forms and the ability to correspond with the Municipal Advisors is available within this portal. 

Trustees of the Trust Funds Portal

This web portal was designed with the NH Department of Justice, Charitable Trust Unit, to submit information on Form MS-9, Report of Trust and Capital Reserve Funds and Form MS-10, Report of Common Trust Fund Investments. Applicable information is provided to the Municipal Bureau.

Access Portals and Support  

Individual viewing report on a tabletEach year the Municipal Bureau compiles information and reports on tax rate components including municipal and village district tax rates, cooperative school and county apportionments, state education property tax and tax rate calculation data.

view municipal tax rate reports  

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The Municipal Bureau provides technical assistance relating to annual meeting timelines and warrant articles, completion of forms and document due dates, budget committees, trustees of trust funds, the municipal audit program and emergency expenditure procedures.

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