Career Opportunities

The information below provides employment opportunities both at the Department of Revenue and within state government.

To search for current employment opportunities within the state government, please visit the State of NH Job Opportunities website at Applicants are required to create an online profile and complete an electronic State of New Hampshire Application. Paper applications are no longer being accepted. 

To view current positions available at the DRA, please select the position below. 

Current DRA Positions

Call Center Associate - Answer taxpayer inquiries in person and by telephone, either in the call center or on a rotating schedule, in order to provide instructions on forms and procedures: request supporting documentation in accordance with state tax laws, rules, and Department policies. Identify and escalate priority issues. Apply New Hampshire tax laws, administrative rules, and Department policies with oversight of taxpayers to ascertain correct filing practices. Contact taxpayers by mail or telephone to address discrepancies and request supporting documentation and manage cases to ensure resolution of issues. 

Multi-State Tax Auditor - Audit the New Hampshire business tax returns filed by companies with an obligation to apportion income to the state. Other duties include auditing other NH taxes, such as the real estate transfer tax. Most of these audits will be field audits, requiring the candidate to travel to any of the 50 states to review the company’s records at its headquarters.

Real Estate Appraiser - Monitors the appraisal and assessment of all types of real property for tax assessment purposes for the Municipal and Property Division, Department of Revenue Administration.

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Criminal Record & FBI Record Requirements

Criminal Record & FBI Record Requirements

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) recently updated and released its Publication 1075, Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State, and Local Agencies; effective September 30, 2016. This update included new requirements for background investigations for new and existing employees accessing or using federal tax information. Background investigations for any individual granted access to FTI must include, at a minimum:

  • FBI fingerprinting (FD-258) - review of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint results conducted to identify possible suitability issues. 
  • Check of local law enforcement agencies where the subject has lived, worked, and/or attended school within the last 5 years, and if applicable, of the appropriate agency for any identified arrests. (The local law enforcement check will assist agencies in identifying trends of misbehavior that may not rise to the criteria for reporting to the FBI database.)
  • Citizenship/Residency - Validate eligibility to legally work in the United States. 

As a condition of employment to ensure suitability for exposure to confidential information, all Department employees shall be subject to initial checks and periodic re-checks of their criminal background history, which may include an FBI background review, a state background review, and a check with local law enforcement agencies. The receipt of an unfavorable result may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

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ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance

The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its hiring or employment practices. This notice is provided as required by title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. 

Questions, concerns, complaints, or requests for additional information regarding the ADA may be forwarded to the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration's designated ADA Compliance Coordinator (listed at the top of this page)

Individuals who need auxiliary aids for effective communication in programs and services of the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration are invited to make their needs and preferences known to the ADA Compliance Coordinator. 

Please Note: This notice is available in large print and on audio tape from the ADA Compliance Coordinator.