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Laws and Rules - Proposed or Adopted Department Rules in Process

Rev 207.08 - Definition of Contraband and Procedure for Seizure

Rev 802.01 intro, (c), (d), and (i), Rev 802.02 intro, (e), Rev 802.03 intro, (e), Rev 802.04 intro, (a), Rev 802.05(a) intro, (2) and (d), Rev 803.05, Rev 803.06 and Rev 804.02 - Real Estate Transfer Tax Examples

Rev 1002.01(a); Rev 1003.01;Rev 1004.01 - Documentation of Tobacco Tax paid for Other Tobacco Products and Roll Your Own

Rev 2702.04 - Nursing Facility Return Payment

Rev 2902.03, Rev 2903.03 - Power of Attorney Form and Signature


Notice: These proposed rules have not yet been adopted and, therefore, have no legal or binding effect. Proposed rules facilitate public comment prior to adoption. Draft proposals for adoption, readopting, and/or amendment are only intended as a guide to Department rules that may become effective in the future. The Department makes no warranty, express or implied, as to whether this document is correct, complete, up-to-date or as to any other relative fact. Independent verification of the contents is essential. Printed copies of proposed rules are available, for a fee, from the Division of Administrative Rules (603) 271-3680 or this agency.

Written comment concerning a proposed rule may be addressed to the Department for consideration prior to the tenth day following any public rule hearing.

Additional information may be obtained by calling (603) 230-5026 or writing to the:

Legal Bureau
New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration
PO Box 457
Concord, NH 03302-0457

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