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Forms > Forms by Year > NH State Tax Forms for the 2000 Tax Period

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Summary Summary of Changes for 2000
Gen Inst General Instructions, Changes and Information for all Businesses
BT-Summ Business Tax Summary for all Businesses and Instructions
BET Business Enterprise Tax Return
BET-WE Business Enterprise Tax Return for Combined Groups and Instructions
BET-Lst Business Enterprise Tax Quick Checklist for Compensation, Interest and Dividends
BET-80 Business Enterprise Tax Apportionment
BET-80-WE Business Enterprise Tax Apportionment for Combined Groups and Instructions
DP-9 Small Business Corporations (S-Corp) Information Report and Instructions
DP-80 Business Profits Tax Apportionment and Instructions
DP-120 Computation of "S" Corporation Gross Business Profits and Instructions
DP-2210/2220 Exceptions and Penalty for the Underpayment of Estimated Tax and Instructions
NH-1040 Proprietorship Business Profits Tax Return
NH-1041 Fiduciary Business Profits Tax Return
NH-1065 Partnership Business Profits Tax Return
NH-1120 Corporate Business Profits Tax Return and Instructions
NH-1120-WE Combined Business Profits Tax Return, Affiliation Schedule and Line-by-Line Instructions
Gen Inst Combined Business Profits Tax Return General Instructions
Schedule I
Summary of Combined Net Income
Schedule IA
Combined Cost of Goods Sold and/or Operations and Instructions
Schedule II
Apportionment of Foreign Dividends and Instructions
Schedule III
Foreign Dividend Factor Increments
NH-1120-WE Schedule III Inst Foreign Dividend Factor Increments Instructions
DP-2848 Power of Attorney
I & D Checklist Interest & Dividends Checklist

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