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Which return types do you accept with a barcode? The State of NH Interest and Dividends Tax Return and the Interest and Dividends Estimated Tax quarterly payment forms with a barcode. Tax year 2000 was the first year NH processed 2-D documents.

How many total Interest and Dividends Returns are received per year? Estimated Tax forms? How many of these were barcoded? The Department receives about 66,000 Interest and Dividends Tax Returns annually and about 103,000 Interest and Dividends Estimated Tax forms annually, which averages 25,750 per quarter. For tax year 2002, the Department received 24,402 barcoded returns, or about 37%; and 18,064 estimated forms or about 18%.

What percentage of returns was read successfully? What factors impede readability? About 98% was scanned successfully. The large decrease in error rate is due to the user input from the scanner. We have implemented a new error record that allows us to correct at the scanner and decrease our error rate. We also are able to input some hand written information. Unsigned and incomplete returns with barcodes have to be processed manually. About 1,500 estimates needed to be manually entered due to software companies releasing the barcode prior to department approval.

Which software developers supported the 2-D barcode in your state? H&R Block, Creative Solutions, Intuit, STF Services and Drake Enterprises.

Did you develop the scanning process in-house or contract with a barcode systems developer? We contracted an outside vendor for the PC visual basic barcode scanner and integrated to our legacy system in-house.

Does your scanning process store data locally or centrally? Data is stored locally on PC until uploaded to the AS400.

Did you integrate into your electronic filing program? Not at this time.

How many forms (attachments per return) do you allow to be entered into your 2-D barcode scanning process? One, the Form DP-2210/2220, underpayment of estimated tax penalty.

How many scanners did you purchase and what brand? Two, Symbol Technology Wand and Pedestal Scanners.

Do you feel the number of scanners you implemented were sufficient for peak processing? Yes, we were able to scan 1,500 documents in about 4 hours, which included corrections.

What was the total cost of the project (hardware, software, and development)? $26,022.00

What was the average processing time saved by 2-D barcoding? It takes about 30 minutes to process a batch of 25 Interest and Dividends Tax returns. It takes about 5 to 7 minutes to scan 25 separate 2-D barcoded returns. It takes about 25 minutes to process a batch of 50 Interest and Dividends Estimated tax forms. It takes about 5 to 9 minutes to scan 50 separate 2-D bar-coded estimated tax forms.



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