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Rev. 301.21; Rev 302.03; Rev 302.05;
Rev 304.02; Rev 307.07; Rev 307.12;
Business Profits Tax, Definition of Manufacturing, Gross Business Profits of a Single Member Limited Liability Company, Short Period Tax Returns

Rev 301 sets forth the definitions for purposes of the business profits tax statute, RSA 77-A, and the associated rules, Rev 300. The existing Rev 301.21 defines the term “manufacturing”. This definition is unnecessary within the context of RSA 77-A and Rev 300, and is being repealed. The existing definitions in Rev 301.22 through Rev 301.36 will be editorially renumbered to reflect this repeal.

Rev 302.05 provides the rules for computing gross business profits for business organizations whose income or expenses are federally reportable by the owners. Rev 304.02 provides the property factor rules for the apportionment of adjusted gross business profits. Rev 307.07 provides the rules for filing tax returns and extensions for members of a combined group.

Due to the renumbering in Rev 301: a reference to Rev 301.32 is being renumbered as Rev 301.31 in Rev 302.05(f)(1); a reference to Rev 301.27 is being renumbered as Rev 301.26 in Rev 304.02(a)(1); and a reference to Rev 301.25 is being renumbered as Rev 301.24 in Rev 307.07(b). Rev 302.05, Rev 304.02, and Rev 307.07 are being readopted with these amendments.

Rev 302 provides the rules for computing gross business profits for certain business organizations. Rev 302.03 sets forth the gross business profits rules that apply to proprietorships. Existing Rev 302.03(d) requires that the gross business profits of a single member limited liability company be determined based on the entity type of its member. This rule is duplicative of Rev 302.05(f), and Rev 302.03(d) is being deleted as an amendment to Rev 302.03, which is otherwise readopted, to make Rev 300 more concise and enhance clarity.

Rev 307 provides the rules for filing tax returns, declarations and extensions. Rev 307.12 sets forth the rules for filing short period tax returns. Existing Rev 307.12(a) requires short period return filers to check a box labeled “short period return” on the tax return. However, the business profits tax returns currently contain no such checkbox, and Rev 307.12(a) is being deleted accordingly as an amendment to Rev 307.12, which is otherwise readopted, with Rev 307.12(b) through (d) renumbered to reflect this amendment.

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