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Asb 205-Asb 206; Assessing Standards Board Explanation of Adoption of Rule, Public Forums and Subcommittee Meetings

Existing Asb 205 and 206 expired on February 16, 2017. The proposal adopts these rules without amendment.
Asb 205.01 addresses the ability of any person to request an explanation of the Assessing Standards Board’s adoption of a specific rule. Asb 205.02 sets forth the requirements in order to request a rule explanation.
Asb 206.01 explains that the purpose of Asb 206 is to provide a uniform procedure for the conduct of public forums and subcommittee meetings conducted by the board. Asb 206.02 explains that Asb 206 applies to public forums and subcommittee meetings, during which interested persons may testify and submit information or written testimony. Asb 206.03 defines the terms “forum” and “subcommittee meeting” for purposes of Asb 206. Asb 206.04 sets forth the notice requirements for public forums and subcommittee meetings.
Asb 206.05 addresses the opportunity for print and electronic media to attend public forums and subcommittee meetings. Asb 206.06 addresses the conduct of public forums and subcommittee meetings, including the manner in which the chairperson must preside, how persons are afforded the opportunity to speak, and how the chairperson may recess and reconvene a public forum or subcommittee meeting at a later date.
Asb 206.07 requires that persons interested in speaking provide their name and any interest group they represent before the last speaker finishes speaking, and requires that a public forum be continued, postponed or moved when room capacity does not accommodate the number of persons that wish to attend. Asb 206.08 prohibits the chairperson from recognizing a person that refuses to comply with Asb 206.07 and requires the chairperson to revoke the recognition of a speaker that does not comply with Asb 206.07.

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