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About Us - Divisions

Administration Unit
John T. Beardmore, Commissioner
The Administration Unit performs administrative functions necessary to support Department operations including accounting, purchasing, adjudicative and administrative hearings, tax policy and legislative analysis, fleet and facility maintenance, human resources and project management.

Legal Bureau 
Caroline K. Delaney, Esq., Revenue Counsel

Tax Policy/Legislative Analysis Group  
Carrollynn Ward, Esq., Tax Policy Analyst

Human Resources
Kathryn Stillings, Human Resource Coordinator

Hearings Bureau
Denise Daniel, Hearing Officer

Audit Division
Kathleen Sher, Esq., Director
The Audit Division conducts audits of tax returns of individuals, partnerships, estates, trusts, corporations, and documents filed with the Department to ensure compliance with New Hampshire tax laws and rules. The mission of the Audit Division is to promote voluntary taxpayer compliance with New Hampshire's tax laws through fair, impartial, and efficient selection and review of taxpayers' returns; taxpayer education; and discovery of non-filers. The Audit Division is committed to team work, professional development, and high professional standards for auditors.

Central Tax Services
Diane L. Dawson, Manager
The Central Tax Services Unit of the Audit Division is dedicated to courteously, knowledgeably, and effectively handing taxpayer inquiries and account maintenance.

Collection Division
Philip Lawrence, Director
The Collection Division collects delinquent tax returns and payments for all taxes administered by the Department. The mission of the Collections Division is to ensure taxpayer compliance with the tax laws of New Hampshire by fairly and effectively recovering overdue taxes through the uniform application of state laws, rules and policies.

Document Processing Division
Debra Bourbeau, Director
The Document Processing Division receives, sends, process, stores, and retrieves all tax documents, return payments and electronic transactions filed with the Department. The mission of the Document Processing Division is to process taxpayer documents in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. The Division is committed to continuous improvement, strong customer service, and maintaining a positive team environment.

Municipal and Property Division
Stephan Hamilton, Director
The Municipal and Property Division establishes and approves municipal, school, county and village district tax rates, as well as provides technical assistance, relative to taxation and finance, to the political subdivisions of the state.  In addition, the Municipal and Property Division assists and educates municipalities with the methods of appraisal and assessment of real property, and provides appraisal revaluation services statewide to municipalities, and equalizes the local assessed valuation of each municipality to bring such valuations to the full and true market value of the property.  

Department of Information Technology (Embedded Personnel)
Karen Sampson, IT Manager
The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) designs, develops and maintains computerized systems to support the administration of taxes and to automate labor-intensive functions.

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